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A MERGER IS ALL ABOUT TEAM SPIRIT offering benefits and reassurance for all concerned. A company that strives to satisfy its clients but also motivate its employees really cares about its future

For Dolphin Wear and Deckers Uniforms, joining up to become a team means developing skills and resources, sharing tasks and responsibilities, and thus looking forward to a stabler and more serene future. This represents a real opportunity for both the owners and personnel, who now share a greater sense of solidity and perennity.

Company philosophy

Groundbreaking challenge

Along with a new brand identity, these new tools are being designed to provide a harmonious framework for this "family business" with international ambitions and very wide horizons, all set to take on this groundbreaking challenge.

Company philosophy

Furthermore, on both sides of the Med, in Antibes, Barcelona and Palma, the atmosphere is decidedly international. With about 40 members in all, the new DWD team is comprised of almost a dozen nationalities including French, British, Spanish, German, Peruvian, Slovakian, Polish, Dutch, South African - and still growing! Needless to say, the ability to communicate with clients in so many different languages makes for a very global reach…